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Our Mission

In times of constant social, political and economic changes, you have to be mindful of your environment, but also of the developments and decision-making processes with government stakeholders that can have an impact on your activities.

Lobco2Care offers professional advice and a broad network to help bridge the gap between businesses, organisations, government authorities and interest groups in order to develop and foster sustainable relationships. This tried-and-tested approach allows us to resolve and even anticipate complex challenges.

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Our Values

  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Clear commitments
  • Confidentiality
  • Quality & customer satisfaction

Meet the team

Our services

Who and what

Lobco2Care is a no-nonsense public affairs and lobbying agency that has been bringing together people, businesses and governments since 2007. We unite and create a framework in which your business can thrive and strive for sustainable entrepreneurship.

We help nurture and facilitate the aspirations of your business. And we accomplish this by assisting you in crafting and presenting your messages to the decision-makers and stakeholders who have influence over your business and its activities.

‘We take the air out of public affairs’

In an environment of constant social, political and economic change, it is vital that your business understands how your environment and its different stakeholders can have impact.

Lobco2Care provides a helicopter view and sounding board for your business. We act as a strategic and hands-on partner, leveraging our thinking, experience and expertise to ensure you benefit from and have influence over the different dynamics that affect your business.


We work with you in close collaboration to analyse the situation, opportunity or issue at hand.

Based on the insights from that analysis, we recommend a plan of action that helps you achieve the desired outcomes.

We work with you in a joint effort to map out the various stakeholders and help draft the necessary persuasive narrative and messages to influence them.

We offer strategic and practical advice on how to interact with different stakeholders and, where appropriate, join you in meetings to protect your interests.

Together we stand strong: relevant support from allies can strengthen your position or impact.

We help to identify the best possible alliances and, if needed, forge persuasive coalitions to achieve your desired outcome faster.

The environment we all have to operate in is evolving at an ever-increasing pace.

We help you keep up with social, economic and political trends so you can adjust your strategy and tactics to respond to emerging opportunities or risks.

Whether you realise it or not, you frequently have to interact with different government authorities.

Because of new or changing legislation, a sudden situation of conflict, the need for a license or permit, as a potential supplier … or simply to get your messages across. Often, these authorities can be unfamiliar to you or seem out of reach.

Having collaborated successfully with many different government authorities for years, Lobco2Care has managed to develop a meaningful network and build relevant expertise. If there is need to involve a local municipality or city council, the semi-public sector, a regional or federal government — Lobco2Care is able to provide skilled political and process insights to facilitate your needs.

You have undertaken or are planning to take a new initiative. This could range from expanding your business, establishing a new branch, exploring new activities, looking to install windmills or construct a road, project development…

A series of potential obstacles can impact the desired outcome or deadlines. Conflicts of interest between government authorities, permit issues, protests from local residents or action groups, … Lobco2Care can help you overcome these challenges, while strengthening your relationship with all parties involved, and increase the pace or rate of success.

You want to apply for a public or private tender. Lobco2Care can navigate you through the relevant process in the most efficient way. We assist in mapping the decision-making process and key decision-makers. Our specific approach allows us to support you in the most effective manner to understand and respond to the tender process and increase your rate of success.

Lobco2Care stands for a proactive approach. We facilitate successful and sustainable relationship management, based on best-in-class preparation, ongoing and meaningful personal interactions and structured follow-up. We can deliver this relationship management for you or embed it within your organisation.

Impactful communication is essential to reinforce your key messages and desired outcomes during the entire public affairs process. Lobco2Care offers strategic and practical advice to land your key messages with the right stakeholders through the most appropriate channels.

Our Team

Experience and expertise

Lobco2Care consists of a very complementary and seasoned team. Experts who combine proven experience and skillsets across many areas of expertise, with direct access to an extensive and diverse network that guarantees the best possible outcome for you and your business.


<strong>Jan Pszeniczko</strong>
Jan PszeniczkoConsulting partner
As the founder of Lobco2Care, Jan is a valued and seasoned professional with broad experience in both the public and the private sector. He has held leadership positions in sales, marketing and public affairs for over 30 years within the telecommunication and pharmaceuticals sectors. He has more than 36 years of political experience as an alderman with the municipality of Edegem, Antwerp and has chaired several boards of directors and inter-municipal utility companies.
During his extensive career, Jan has managed to build a powerful commercial and political network that has proven to add value for many customers.
<strong>Michaël Pszeniczko</strong>
Michaël PszeniczkoConsulting partner
Michaël is a dynamic and experienced professional. After obtaining his master in Commercial Sciences, specialising in International Relations, he began to work in the financial sector. He decided to join Lobco2Care in 2013 to complement the existing experience and skillset. Michaël has strong analytical skills and excels at identifying and overcoming diverse challenges.
He has managed to develop an extensive professional network and is acting vice-chairman of Jong Voka in Flanders.
<strong>Dirk Van Ham</strong>
Dirk Van HamConsulting partner
Dirk is an experienced business leader in the food and drinks industry, with a proven track record in sales (local and international), general management, public affairs and lobbying.
He is very committed to corporate social responsibility as president of Vinum et Spiritus, the Belgian trade association for wine and spirits, and as board member of STIVA, the Dutch foundation for responsible drinking.
Dirk holds a master in Business Engineering from the University of Antwerp and is an Oxford Alumnus. He enjoys a strong local and international, commercial and corporate relations network.



Some examples from our customer portfolio

Given the confidential nature of our assignments, we choose not to publish names or brands on this website. However, we would like to offer some examples of our more recent work with customers to highlight our services and approach.

Pharmaceutical industry

We helped to navigate a global supplier of vaccines through a public tender issued by the Belgian government. Lobco2Care mapped the appropriate decision-making process and the relevant stakeholders, offered strategic and tactical advice on how to approach the government in the best possible manner. As a result, our customer won the public tender.


We have offered advice to different local and international retailers on their ambition to maintain or expand current branches and to build and open new branches. Lobco2Care helped to navigate them through the license processes and, more specifically, through the political decision-making process.

We advise our customers on existing and emerging issues. If and when necessary, Lobco2Care can act as a mediator to unlock challenging situations and find ways to revive the process.

Together with our customers and our team of experts, we manage to obtain the necessary licenses or permits in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

IT & telecommunications

Across different industries, we support major businesses that want to maintain or strengthen their position as supplier to government authorities or semi-public and private organisations. Lobco2Care advises them on stakeholder management and provides strategic direction on how to position and present themselves.


A global player in the safety industry was looking to develop a contact strategy with many different government authorities in order to deliver specific assignments for them. Lobco2Care successfully mapped the decision-making process and the relevant decision-makers, provided strategic advice on how to interact with these authorities in the most effective way.

360° public affairs

We cater to customers who do not have a bespoke public affairs function as well as to customers who are looking to strengthen or complement their existing function.

We offer them a comprehensive public affairs service ranging from situation analysis, stakeholder mapping, coalition building, monitoring, mediation and lobbying to strategic communication.

Our current customer base includes global market leaders and major businesses in a variety of industries including spirit drinks, data usage, aviation,… but also several local Belgian businesses.